Public Advisory Committee Members for the FMA


Bette Beswick Public at Large
Corey Stoneman Quinex Contracting LTD- Timber harvesting
Daniel Grant Environmentalist
Denise Nickel Motorized Recreation & Landowner, MD of Bighorn
Doug Collister Public at Large
Erik Butters Deputy Reeve, M.D. of Bighorn
Garry Salekin Motorized Recreation
George Roman Water Resources Planning Specialist City of Calgary
Jacqueline Nelson Landowner/Rancher, MD Foothills
Judy Stewart Bow River Basin Council (Water)
Ken Brikett Oil & Gas (Petro-Canada)
Liz Breakey Action for Agriculture, Bragg Creek/Rockyview County Counselor
Mike Korman Economic Development Manager Town of Cochrane
Richard Righthand First Nations, Siksika
Tim Giese Cochrane Environmental Action Committee