Public Advisory Committee Members for the FMA


John Buckley Rancher
Corey Stoneman Quinex Contracting LTD- Timber harvesting
Daniel Grant Environmentalist
Denise Nickel Motorized Recreation & Landowner, MD of Bighorn
Doug Collister Public at Large
Erik Butters Deputy Reeve, M.D. of Bighorn
Garry Salekin Motorized Recreation
George Roman Water Resources Planning Specialist City of Calgary
Jacqueline Nelson Landowner/Rancher, MD Foothills
Judy Stewart Bow River Basin Council (Water)
Ken Brikett Oil & Gas (Petro-Canada)
Liz Breakey Action for Agriculture, Elbow River Watershed Partnership, Bragg Creek resident
Mike Korman Economic Development Manager Town of Cochrane
Richard Righthand First Nations, Siksika
Tim Giese Cochrane Environmental Action Committee