Collaborative Planning Sessions

After carefully considering the stakeholder comments from the June 11, 2013 Mixed Use Workshop , a 3 step, stakeholder collaborative harvest planning approach was initiated by the company in 2013.

Step 1: SLS facilitates interested parties to develop preliminary harvest designs on a forest compartment basis using GIS, the Detailed Forest Management Plan and the General Development Plan. This step provides stakeholders the opportunity to collaborate with SLS, prior to any field work or harvest plan submission to the government.

Step 2: If specific concerns are raised during step one, SLS will arrange a field tour with stakeholders to address specific concerns on the ground and make any needed mitigations etc. prior to any field work or harvest plan submission.

Step 3: SLS follows-up with participants showing how the collaborative planning work was used to develop draft final harvest plans. Stakeholders then have the opportunity to comment on the draft plans prior to harvest plan submission. SLS then follows up with stakeholders, posts the results from the session on the company website, writes the final harvest plan and submits it to the government.

Planning Session:

SLS Open House – 2021

SLS Open House – 2020

Burnt Timber Creek – May 1, 2019

McLean Creek – September 27, 2018

Atkinson Creek – April 26, 2018

McLean Creek – April 26, 2017

Jumpingpound Creek – May 13, 2016

Sullivan Creek – April 30, 2015

Burnt Timber – April 28, 2015