Planning Hierarchy

South Saskatchewan Regional Plan (SSRP):

  • Long range, strategic level plan.
  • Sets broad management objectives and guidelines.
  • Guides management and resource allocation.
  • Uses a zoning system to assist managers in decision making.
  • Generally mapped to a 1:100000 scale.

Detailed Forest Management Plan (DFMP):

  • Focuses on lands available for timber harvesting as defined by the IRPs.
  • Defines the net productive forest land base.
  • Defines an Annual Allowable Cut (harvest level) based on a blend of social, environmental and economic values.
  • Harvest level established based on a 200 year planning horizon.
  • Harvest sequence established for a 20 year period.
  • DFMP is renewed every 10 years.

General Development Plan (GDP):

  • Rolling five year plan.
  • Guided by the harvest sequence in the DFMP.
  • Schedule of harvest area sequencing and road construction planning.
  • Used to identify issues, other resource values and stakeholders specific to the harvest areas.

Forest Harvest Plan (FHP):

  • Details integration of operations with other forest users both industrial and recreationists.
  • Access management, sensitive sites, road design, wildlife management, insect, disease, fire and silviculture plans are outlined.
  • Block Maps are provided with volume and area tables.
  • Variance monitoring is completed.
  • The plan is validated by a licensed professional forester and submitted to the government for approval.

Annual Operating Plan (AOP):

  • Schedule of blocks to be harvested in the next year.
  • Final map of approved harvest design – 1:20000 scale.
  • Fire Control supplement, Silviculture component, and Road construction, maintenance and abandonment plan.