Forest Management Planning

2021 Forest Management Plan

Spray Lake Sawmills 2021 Forest Management Plan (FMP) was approved on May 21, 2021, effective May 2021. We want to thank everyone that provided input to the plan.

The 2021 Forest Management Plan (FMP) was developed over a five-year period, beginning in March 2015 and ending with the submission of the final plan to the Government of Alberta (GoA) in September of 2020.

Building on previous DFMP development processes, Spray Lake Sawmills involved First Nations, the public, stakeholders and natural resource management specialists, to build a plan that meets the requirements of the South Saskatchewan Regional Plan, the Alberta Forest Management Planning Standard (Version 4.1 – April 2006) and the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) standards for sustainable forest management, to which the company is certified.

The outcome is a comprehensive plan that will direct the company’s long-term strategic forest management activities for the next 10 years, or until replaced by a new FMP. To review the FMP and the record of decision, please  visit

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