Forest Management Agreement (FMA)

What is a Forest Management Agreement?

A Forest Management Agreement (FMA) is an area-based agreement between a forest company and the government of Alberta that permits the company to establish, grow, harvest and remove timber from Crown land. It is granted for 20-year periods, with options for renewal.

Spray Lake Sawmills (1980) Ltd. was granted an FMA on September 5th, 2001. The agreement is the result of many years of consultation and discussion with the Province. Unlike Timber Quotas, FMAs require the harvesting company to be much more involved in: the long-term planning of the forest; public consultation; and ongoing stakeholder collaboration.

Spray Lake Sawmills is proud of its track record and is continually working with the public, government and other stakeholders to ensure harvesting is carried out in a sustainable manner that is respectful of the environment and those who use the area.

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Government of Alberta Documents

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Map of the FMA area



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