Water Quality

We build healthy forests

We keep the water clean

We protect streams and water sources – data demonstrates the forest reserve water quality is in natural or desirable condition
Harvest levels are balanced with natural benchmarks – forest hydrologists analysis indicates no substantive risk to flooding
Timber harvesting helps prevent large scale wildfire
Large scale wildfire is the biggest threat to contaminating forest reserve water quality

Our goal as forest managers is to try and keep up with fuel loading by replacing the natural process of wildfire with responsible timber harvesting and reforestation. Wildfire pollutes the air and the water. Timber harvesting not only provides jobs and renewable building products, but also creates natural capital in the form of healthy young forests. Young forested stands provide wildfire/watershed resiliency and needed wildlife habitat that move the forest age class distribution closer to natural conditions.


To learn more and to verify the facts please visit:
Spray Lake Sawmills and Watershed Stewardship White Paper Report
5 Year Stewardship Report
Headwaters Management
presented to the Bow River Basin Council Science Forum by:  Gord Lehn March 12, 2014
High Conservation Value Forest Report
Category 4: Forest Areas that Provide Basic Services of Nature in Critical Situations (watershed management section)
Pre-Industrial Forest Conditions (PIC) Report

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