Log Haul west of Bragg Creek

Information Notice – Spray Lake Sawmills’ Log Haul out of West Bragg Creek Area

Spray Lake Sawmills would like to clarify our haul plan to move the harvested timber from the

area west of Bragg Creek. The plan was to have empty log trucks access the area using the

public road system through the Hamlet and then loaded trucks would use the SLS road system

to link up with the Homestead Road traveling north, the idea being to minimize the disruption to

the cross-country ski trails.

The log haul in this area started this week with six to eight trucks averaging two trips per day

using the West Bragg Creek road. Loaded trucks then traveled north using SLS roads to link up

with the Homestead Road and then Sibbald Trail. Accessing the final block from last year’s

harvest this way would have allowed us to complete the haul in approximately 2 ½ weeks. This

would have minimized the disruption to the cross-country ski trails and allow them to be regroomed

for use sooner.

However, based on concerns expressed by some members of the community over the last

couple of days, SLS will redirect its empty trucks to the Sibbald Trail access. Keep in mind,

restricting empty trucks to entering the area only from the Sibbald Trail will extend the haul

period significantly and mean the disruption to the cross-country ski-trails will last for

approximately 5 weeks.

As a point of clarification, log trucks, empty or loaded, follow all safety and load limit

specifications administered by Alberta Transportation and therefore do not damage roads. As

well, SLS has an extensive log haul management program which includes GPS units in the

trucks for, among other things, monitoring truck movements and speeds.

If you have any question please contact us either through our Blog

(https://www.spraylakesawmills.com/category/blog/) or through our email


Thank you.

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  2. Shaun 7:30 pm on January 9, 2014

    These concerns were all raised prior to harvest and a promise was made to not use West Bragg road. Your concerns had nothing to do with inhibiting cross country skiing by doubling your haul time, it was purely concern over double the haul costs. Stop manipulating the facts.

  3. jill antal 10:22 am on January 10, 2014

    Unbelievable. SLS has been harvesting from beautiful bragg creek for decades. Nothing you have said weighs one iota with the residents of bragg creek. Did SLS actually pay for the widening and upgrading of the west bragg creek road? I bet you did. And I bet you had this little PSA prepared for ohhhh about 3 months. Not the jesus loving company you say you are. you are caught in the BS too. poor SLS...

  4. Bruce Barker 9:28 am on January 13, 2014

    To clarify the ski trail comments, the Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association was not consulted on the change of plans to use the west Bragg Creek Road for logging trucks. In fact, once we were alerted by concerned citizens, we responded to ESRD and SLS that the GBCTA requested the use of the west Bragg Creek road be stopped immediately. We would rather loose the eastern ski trails for another week or two, than compromise the safety of west Bragg Creek residents and trail users who are commuting to west Bragg Creek to use the trails. SLS change of plans to use the trails, without consulting the GBCTA or ESRD was a blatant breach of trust with the community. Regards, Bruce Barker

  5. disappointed 10:36 am on January 13, 2014

    From my understanding (via conversations with locals to Bragg Creek,) the reason there were complaints regarding the empty hauling trucks travelling through Bragg Creek is because they were speeding. How unfortunate that your contractors did not abide by the law. Now SLS and the extensive recreational community will suffer delays on log hauling out of West Bragg Creek area. Our local club currently has 189 members. 90% of them are children. The logging in the West Bragg area has significantly impacted the safety, trail access and enjoyment of our ski community for the past two winters. Flora Head Coach for XC Bragg Creek

  6. Shaun 11:08 am on August 20, 2014

    As you're aware, one of your logging trucks rolled over while navigating the roundabout on HWY 8 & 22. Does SLS have an explanation as to how a logging truck following all safety and load limit specifications, would roll over while turning through a highway intersection WITHOUT excessive speed being a factor?

    • Forester1 11:56 am on August 21, 2014

      SLS will be following our safety investigation process to try and arrive at the root cause or causes of the accident. The one thing we can confirm at this time is, according to the truck GPS the truck was travelling under the posted speed limit.

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