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We have had several blog comments with respect to our log haul operations to the west of Bragg Creek.  Rather than responding individually to each comment I will consolidate my response to address the collection of comments as one.  Spray Lake Sawmills also posted a blog notice to address some of these same issues.  Please see the posting entitled “Log Haul west of Bragg Creek”.

Spray Lake Sawmills had committed to haul the logs out of the area by using a company built road to the north and then connecting to the Homestead Road.  The intent was to eliminate public concerns over safety by avoiding hauling out through the Hamlet of Bragg Creek.  Empty log trucks don’t typically have route restrictions the same way as loaded trucks.  They have the right to travel on a public road system in the same manner as any other private pick-up or car.  We felt that we would have a dual benefit to both the trail user groups and the company by having the trucks go through the Hamlet empty and then haul out loaded by the route I just mentioned.  The company would have improved operational logistics and at the same time the trail system would only be disrupted for about 2 ½ weeks instead of 5 weeks.  However once we were made aware of negative feedback from the community we immediately changed the log haul plans and routed both empty and loaded trucks to the north.  Our intent was honest and honourable.  No ill-will intended.

With respect to concerns over safety and speeding, Spray Lake Sawmills’ log haul fleet are equipped with GPS units.  This allows us to not only manage our log haul operations with peak efficiency but to monitor speed and other items related to safety.  Since receiving the comment on speeding we have checked the records and can validate that our trucks have not been speeding through Bragg Creek.  We have a fairly extensive log haul safety program.  If anyone would like further details on this program please let us know.

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  2. Emil 1:50 pm on January 15, 2014

    Just some comments on your comments; 1. Log hauls are a pre-planned route, both direction. Empty as well as loaded. To say that logging trucks have the right on public roads, is not fully correct. They have planned routes and if not followed the log haul can and possibly will be shut down by ERSD and alberta highways. Can a logging truck travel on a residential street in cochrane? No. Can a logging truck travel on a highway or secondary highway loaded? Not without a permit and load designation. Can a unloaded logging truck travel on any road the driver wants? No. 2. To indicate that a log haul will go from 2.5 to 5 weeks, due to logistical changes appears to be a fabrication. Does SLS have the approriate communications required to travel on it's own roads, such as two way radios? They have GPS, but in looking at this for an increase of 2.5 weeks, double the time, this would means that the loaded trucks and unloaded trucks can not travel on the same road at the same time... Shame on you. in the past, when I drove logging truck, load had right of way on single lane roads, unloaded had to park on turn outs. miles were called out. perhaps, there is not the communication that needs to occur and a review of SLS safety and communication policies needs to occur by ESRD and OHS??? It appears that SLS is not getting the message on this; please note the comment from facebook Jan 15, 2014, 8:00 am "A resident reports following a speeding Spray Lakes Sawmills truck on West Bragg Creek Rd., Wed., January 15, 7:30 am, five days after Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development said they called a halt to the practice as it is in violation of their operating contract." Perhaps some dilegence should occur on this, for example no SLS truck on the west Bragg Creek road - otherwise the contractor/employee is terminated. Simplisty work best.

    • Forester1 4:58 pm on January 15, 2014

      With all due respect the assertions made in your comments are incorrect. This applies to both the ability of empty trucks to travel to travel on the public road system as well as the increase in time to complete the log haul. The extra time has to do with the “hours of service” regulations and how we are balancing time and resources between locations. SLS has a radio system which is employed as part of the log haul program. If you would like to learn more please refer to the Alberta Log Haul Regulations or give our office a call. We would be pleased to provide you with further background information.

      • Emil 9:53 am on January 16, 2014

        Thank you for your reply: with due respect as well in regards to the empty trucks traveling on public roads, please note the link; , please see what happens when you travel wherever you want with an unloaded logging truck on public roads for a log haul. Hours of operation for a driver: 14 hours maximum allowable, with conditions. Estimated driving time to location though SLS road 1.5 hours. Estimated loaded drive time 2.5 hrs, load time 1-0.5, unload time 0.5, 6 hrs per trip est, not including issues. Unloaded estimated time through west bragg creek road, .75 hrs, difference of 45 minutes, maximum of 1 hour differential, still allowing for 14 hours of operation for a driver - 2 loads per driver per day as per your assertions. To assert 100% time increase is incredulous, due to a 1.5 - 2 hour route change per truck/2 loads. That is why the safety challenge in regards to 2 way communications was made, as that would be the only way for 100% increase in time for this log haul. Perhaps some fore thought should be made in regards to public releases, to realistic time frames. And thank you, I have all the back ground infomration I require.

        • Forester1 3:54 pm on January 21, 2014

          You have missed a key point in your comment. Bragg Creek is not the only area that we haul from. We must balance daily hours of service for trucks coming from more than one source in a day. It is unfortunate but the person posting the blog on behalf of AESRD (as referenced by your link) has misrepresented the Departments authority with respect to use of the public road system. Administrative authority rests with Alberta Transportation and the County. We have changed our log haul route to accommodate concerns voiced by the community.

  3. Bruce Barker 5:31 pm on January 16, 2014

    Gord, thanks for your explanations, but you should have asked the GBCTA regarding our preference of haul routes. We have an agreement with SLS and part of that agreement is a commitment to communication. The GBCTA was never consulted on the use of the west Bragg Creek road, and if we had been asked, our recommendation would have been to continue to use the north road for empty and loaded trucks. We would rather have our trails impacted a little longer than to compromise the goodwill of the community of Bragg Creek. You can do much better! Your company also made the commitment to the Bragg Creek community to not use the west Bragg Creek road. This was done in your feedback to the SLS Open House, Jan, 2012: "It was brought to the attention of SLS that the community of Bragg Creek did not want log trucks driving on the West Bragg Creek Road or through the hamlet. SLS has planned a haul route to address this despite operational constraints. The route will allow for the equipment and truck to access the area north via the Homestead Road. The southern cutblocks will create log haul traffic past the West Bragg Creek parking lot. SLS has worked with the Greater Bragg Creek Trail Association to minimize the impacts of log haul routes. SLS has committed to keeping communication lines open and providing signage during harvest operations."

    • Forester1 3:55 pm on January 21, 2014

      Thanks for your comments Bruce. Message heard.

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