Archive for November 28, 2014

The High Conservation Value Forest Report (HCVF) Version 3

Last month, SLS posted version 3 of the High Conservation Value Forest Report on its company website. The latest version updates are focused on High Conservation Value Forest Category 4, “Forest Areas that Provide Basic Services of Nature in Critical situations”. The HCFV approach for assessing and managing forests was developed by the World Wildlife Fund and is a requirement of the Forest…

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Spray Lake Sawmills and Watershed Stewardship

Spray Lake Sawmills (SLS) has been operating in the Bow River watershed since it acquired the Eau Claire Lumber Company timber quota in 1953. Back in those days, SLS operated near Spray Lake reservoir above the current day Town of Canmore4. Overtime, through the development of Alberta government, Integrated Resource Plans and the adoption of landscape level, formally protected areas,…

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