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Water and watershed management are high priority considerations for any resource management activities within the eastern slopes of Alberta. Spray Lake Sawmills conducts its timber harvest operations in headwaters areas of the South Saskatchewan Region. As such, it has become important for the company to develop “best management” practices which recognizes and accommodates these values. The following video clip outlines…

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High Conservation Value Forest Assessment

Spray Lake Sawmills has recently completed version 2 of the High Conservation Value Forest Assessment which is now posted on the company website: Thanks to the participants who provided feedback and attended our open houses and workshops

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Protected Areas Design Workshop

On November 14, 2013, Spray Lake Sawmills will be hosting a Protected Areas Design Workshop to discuss the version 2 gap analysis and the process outlined for filling protected areas gaps. We would also like to identify interested parties to work with and begin the process of creating a protected areas network within the geographical context of the Spray Lake…

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