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Article on forest management and wildfire

Here is a link to an interesting article that was passed on to me.  It is from the Spring 2013 edition of the Range Magazine .  Check out the article, “Special Report:  A Collision of Visions” by Bruce Vincent.  It speaks to logging, forest management, forest successional development and wildfire.

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70th Anniversary – Spray Lake Sawmills is celebrating its 70th anniversary this year.  The company was originally founded in 1943 by Chester Mjolsness.  Today, 70 years later, the company remains a family owned and operated enterprise and is run by Chester’s son Barry Mjolsness.  Over this time the company has evolved from having a couple of portable bush mills to…

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Interesting videos about the use of Wood

A couple of interesting videos came to my attention around the use of wood and how they are an environmentaly friendly building product.  Enjoy Wood – nature’s stroke of genius Why on earth a wood house? .

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