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Spray Lake Sawmills recently had an inquiry about the noise that was being created by our logging and the impact it was having on West Bragg Creek residents.  We apologize for this and have been working on ways to reduce the noise levels, particularly at night. The block which seemed to be creating the biggest problem was located near a…

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A Day in the Life

Last fall the Crowsnest Pass Promoter wrote an article entitled “Forest Management with Spray Lakes”.  It gives an outline of some of the activities our foresters do as part of their job.  You might find it an interesting read.  The link is attached below.

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Sustainable forest management  requires a combination of environmentally sound field delivery of approved plans together with follow-up reforestation of all areas harvested.  In Alberta reforestation is a legislative requirement.  It is also a fundamental component of Spray Lake Sawmills long term management strategy and business plan.  Please note the following link to find out more:

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